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Updated on : 24-Feb-2024

Resume Headline

Performance Tester || 6+ years experience || Looking for freelancing opportunities

Skill Set : Performance Testing, JMeter, Performance Engineering, React.js, AppDynamics, Load Runner, Jenkins, Splunk, Kubernetes, Docker

Prefered Job Type : : Full-Time, Part-Time, Remote

Employement Details

Software Engineer

Cavisson System Inc.
Feb 2016 - Aug 2018
  • Understanding business processes.
  • Involved in creating test plan of MCOM/TCOM Functionality.
  • Browse all flows for MCOM, TCOM Functionality.
  • Worked in preparing scripts of all flows and parameterization.
  • Created run logic for all flows.
  • Worked as a team member in preparing scenario to run the test.
  • Worked in running tests to check the performance of websites to figure out bottleneck if any and suggest tuning efforts as needed to check the performance of the application
  • Analyze Performance of Servers and Application and generate reports.

Performance Tester

Orange Business Services
Aug 2018 - May 2021
  • Preparing Performance test plan, workload model, test scenarios and tools to be used during the test
  • Handling all the client meetings, giving a walkthrough of the performance test plan, creating readiness tracker, defects report
  • Scripting, execution, and reporting of the online performance test.
  • Implementation of CI/CD (Jenkins) for the continuous performance testing
  • Implementation of Grafana-InfluxDB-Telegraf to prepare System Monitoring dashboard
  • Implementation of Grafana-InfluxDB-JMeter to prepare Test Monitoring dashboard
  • Implementation of Grafana—Prometheus-Mongo dB Exporter to prepare Test Monitoring dashboard
  • Performed identified tests like load, endurance and stress test using JMeter, NeoLoad and LoadRunner.
  • Fetching application server logs, taking thread dump and heap dump in case of failures in the test
  • Analyze Online Monitor Graphs like Runtime Graphs, Transaction Graphs, Web Resource
  • To figure out bottleneck if any and suggest tuning efforts as needed to check the performance of the application
  • Result discussion meetings with project teams

Education Details

Bachelor in Computer Science & Engineering

B.Tech From AKTU

Passout Year : 2015

Course Type : Full Time

Percentage/Grade : 70 % Marks of 100 Maximum

Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering

Polytechnic From BTEUP

Passout Year : 2012

Course Type : Full Time

Percentage/Grade : 81 % Marks of 100 Maximum

It Skills

Skills Version Last Used Experience
AppDynamics 2021 2 Year
Performance Center 12.56 2021 2 Year
STRESS Testing 2021 6 Year
Load Testing 2021 6 Year
Load Runner 2021 2021 3 Year
JMeter 5.3 2021 6 Year
Performance Testing 2021 6 Year
Linux Commands 2021 6 Year

Project Details

GR migration to container-based virtualization from VM based

Kohls (Offsite)
Sep 2016 - December 2016

 Implementation of new container-based virtualization architecture for GR(Gift-Registry). Approach is to successfully migrate all web and application server. 


kohls (Offsite)
Mar 2016 - September 2016

 Implementation of two Data center for Mobile/Tablet Web product for Kohls. Approach to handle increase in traffic for Kohls mobile/Tablet 

MCOM/TCOM Migration to Google cloud (GKE and GCE)

Kohls (Offsite)
Jan 2017 - August 2018

Migration of Mobile/Tablet Web product 2DC VM based architecture to Google cloud containerized architecture (GKE).

The architecture would follow a microservices pattern with the browse and search functions within one microservice and the cart, account, and checkout functions in another.  Additionally there would be a front-end service for UI rendering and assets.

Multi-Service Access Platform

Orange Business Services (Offsite)
Aug 2018 - May 2021

 One of the main features of the Access Platform is to allocate an IP address (or a prefix) to a user on equipment 

Event History

Orange Business Services (Offsite)
Aug 2018 - May 2021

 Aims to set up a new page in the Customer dashboard allowing them to consult the history of the last connections of their Orange account and personal data.

Session Manager

Orange Business Services (Offsite)
Aug 2018 - May 2021

 Currently session management is performed by use of cookies on the user's computer with a query to the Wassup Translator. The purpose of Session Management project is to change this approach by managing the server-side session and not on the client browser. 

Profile Summary

 Focused and dedicated professional having 4 years of experience in Performance Testing. Strong technical ability combined with an analytical approach and good communication skills. 

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Personal Details

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Gender Male
Marital Status Single
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