Dynatrace is an application performance monitoring tool which helps in providing all performance metrics in real time. It has the capability to detect and diagnose problems automatically. It can be called as an all in one platform which provides answers about the application performance, underlying infrastructure of the application and experience of the end users or customers using the application. It provides real-time information about digital performance visible and actionable for everyone across business and IT.

Dynatrace effortlessly brings infrastructure and cloud, application,  digital and performance monitoring experience into all in one automated solution which is powered by artificial intelligence. In other words Dynatrace is an application monitoring tool which helps testers, developers and operations teams to ensure their applications work fast and reliable. This allows it’s users to trace every single transaction like click on a web request user interaction with application end to end right from browser level to database level. The transactions flow through all the tiers in Dynatrace.

Listed below are few capabilities provided by Dynatrace for analyzing and monitoring the application performance:

  • Real user monitoring
  • Mobile app monitoring
  • Server-side service monitoring
  • Network, process and host monitoring
  • Cloud and virtual machine monitoring
  • Contain monitoring
  • Root-cause analysis

Dynatrace also monitors our whole application infrastructure and with that information one can figure out application problems if any and if they are related to infrastructure, app server, web server, database server, network layer or any other tier.

Now that we have basic information on what is Dynatrace. Let’s have a look and how it works and benefits of Dynatrace in this article.

How Dynatrace Works:

Before starting with working on Dynatrace, one should have Dynatrace server installed on the system it should consist of host and agent.

Below are the 3 concepts that are key to understand how Dynatrace works:

OneAgent: This can be termed as an agent which automatically finds or locates, instruments and collects accurate monitoring data from everything in IT environment

SmartScape: It helps in visualising the dynamic relationships in all the components of the application across each tier. This can also be called as interactive environment topology map.

Davis AI Engine: This helps in analyzing everything (including all relationships and dependences within complex IT environments) to provide answers not only just data. Davis helps users in identifying a problem, the business impact of the problem, and the root cause of the problem so that you can fix it quickly by including automated remediation through integration with your Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery tools. (CI/CD)

Dynatrace has a dashboard using which one can diagnose the system at one place. Below is the figure depicting the Dynatrace dashboard where one can view all recent activities on a single page.

It also provides understandable and meaningful deployment status through which one will be easily able to understand and check the details of the host under test.

Benefits of Dynatrace:

  • For testing you should have a lot of data and through which you can check your system health such a CPU memory disk and network utilization storage problems.
  • It is built using artificial intelligence (AI) with which helps in identifying performance issues in real-time.
  • It provides an interface where all the physical and virtual server performance metrics can be viewed.
  • It is integrated with delivery pipeline there by providing automatic quality checks and key performance indicators (KPI’s) which helps in accelerating the time to market process seamlessly.
  • It supports many different and popular cloud technologies available like AWS, Docker, Google cloud, Kubernetes, OpenStack, Red Hat and many more. It supports individual cloud technologies as well as blended systems.
  • With the help of Dynatrace developers and testers can ensure that the applications work fast and reliable.
  • It helps business uses for clients to detect and diagnose the performance issues as well as the Availability issues. Application performance is analyzed across all the layers and technologies.
  • Using Dynatrace one can perform automated monitoring of over 100,000 hosts. As it is built using artificial intelligence, it continuously learns the application behavior and auto detects the dependencies and anomalies end to end if any. It is also very proactive in spotting the root cause of the issues. To add further the features available in Dynatrace are pre configured and ready to use without requiring or having need of any manual intervention or human effort.

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