Best Paying Jobs in India


What are the Best Paying Jobs in India ?

Understanding the Indian job market is key to figuring out the Best Paying Jobs in India. The criteria for the Best Paying Jobs in India from educational qualifications, foreseeable pay scale, and the Industry it comes from. After compiling all of these critical points, present to you a list of the Best Paying Jobs in India jobs in India.

1. Machine learning professionals

As the most up-and-coming field, artificial intelligence and machine learning development are paying the big bucks to their professionals. Starter level salaries can range from anywhere between 6-7 Lakhs per annum. For much more experienced employees, it can reach nearly two crores.

The exclusivity of the machine learning world ensures a sure shot spot among the Best Paying Jobs in India. Since it is a very self-sufficient field that depends on self-learning systems, people interested in this field are required to possess a high level of educational qualification.

A basic Bachelor’s of Engineering or a Bachelor’s of Technology in Computer Science, in addition to a strong knowledge of statistical computer languages, is sure to give you a strong start in this field.

2. Medical fraternity

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to note that the medical field ranks among the highest salaried jobs in India. With the starting salaries of surgeons and established doctors ranging from 10-11 lakhs per annum, professionals in the medical field are undoubtedly among the people that are consistently paid the most. More often than not, a minimum requirement of a Bachelor’s of Medicine and a Bachelor’s of Surgery (an M.B.B.S.) from a Medical Council of India-approved Institute is expected. Specializations in the form of Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Administrative niches can guarantee a higher salary band.

3. Chartered accountancy

No matter what field anyone chooses to make a career out of, money management remains a constant requirement across the board. When people specialise in giving financial advice for a living, they often rank among the highest salary jobs in India.

Specialising as a chartered accountant involves passing the extremely challenging Chartered Accountancy exam conducted bi-annually by the I.C.A. With starting salaries ranging anywhere between 7-8 Lakhs Per Annum, being a chartered accountant often pays extremely well.

So as you saw above. .Those were some quotes from the Best Paying Jobs in India. In all these jobs shown, you can mist a Best Paying job in India as well as a good career making job.

So come today at and starts to finding the best job for you in the Best Paying Jobs in India.

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